Dr. Ginger Jones

Dr. Ginger Jones

Professor of English

"Online programs need to be rigorous, disciplined, and innovative, as ours is."

Degrees held:

  • Ph.D. in English – University of Missouri, 1995
  • MA in English – University of Missouri, 1990
  • BA in English (Honors in English) – Quincy University, 1988

Career highlights:

Academy of American Poets Award, Mahan Poetry Award, "The Unreliable Memoirist: The Tim O'Briens of The Things They Carried" in "Narrative Being vs. Narrated Being" Marija Koprivica, Ed., London, Cambridge Scholar Press, (2015)
"Bringing Back the Bentley" Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Summer 2015
"How Sue Eakin Came to Know Solomon Northup" Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Winter 2014-15
"Twelve Years a Slave, Forever a Witness" in Critical Insights: The Slave Narrative, Ed. Kimberly Drake, Ipswich, MA, Salem Press (2014)
"Chaos and Complexity in Paul Auster's New York Trilogy" Restoring the Mystery of the Rainbow: Literature's Refraction of Science. Eds. Cedric Barfoot and Valeria Tinkler-Villani. New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Press (2011) [Co-author K. Ells]
"The Montenegrin Mystique" in Sociološka Luča trans. Milena M. Mićović and Saša Simović 3:2, ed. Slobodan Vukićević (2009)
"Almost Indigenous: Cultural Tourism in Acadiana" Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 3:2, [co-author K. Ells] eds. Leo-Paul Dana and Robert Anderson (2009)
"Hamilton Basso," "Louisiana Women Writers," "Arna Bontemps," and "Italians in Louisiana." KnowLA: Digital Encyclopedia of Louisiana History, Culture, and Community. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (2009)
"Teaching Writing across Cultures" Education Landscapes in the 21st Century: Cross-cultural Challenges and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives. Eds. Iris Guske and Bruce C. Swaffield. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press (2008)
"Chaos and Complexity in Paul Auster's New York Trilogy" Revue Imaginaires, 12, ed. Christine Chollier (U of Reims, France) (2007)
"From Bella to Belle: The Southern/Italian/American Woman in Louisiana" Actes de' l'histoire de l'immigration (The History of Immigration). Eds. Philippe Rygiel and Natacha Lillo. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne (2007)
"Whose South Is It Anyway: Italians in Louisiana" American Dreams: Comparative Dialogues in U.S. Studies. Ed. Ricardo Miguez. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press (2007)
"Proulx's Pastoral: Brokeback Mountain as Sacred Space" Reading Brokeback Mountain. Ed. James R. Stacy. Jefferson, NC: McFarland (2007)

Dean's Award for Service to Students, 2001
Huie-Dellmon Trusted Endowed Professorship, LSUA, 2004-06
Fulbright Scholar, 2006-07
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Readings in Literature and Culture lecturer, 2009-2014

In which online degree program(s) do you teach?

BA English

Which classes do you teach online?

Everything but professional writing

Why did you start teaching?

I believe my life's work is to guide human beings to the discovery of their own power by mastering a technique, developing an insight, or making a connection. Teaching is a life's work in investing in the future of community leaders, business people, millionaires, and stay-at-home dads. I had excellent, dedicated, and happy teachers and I began teaching because I wanted to be just like them.

What's the best advice that you have ever received?

"Everything of value in American life is predicated upon the ability to independently go after it."

What's your best advice for someone who is returning to finish an undergraduate degree?

Somehow, just when your world is in chaos, something good enough happens to make it worth saving one more time. That something is almost always, an education. I know because I was once a student who returned to earn my undergrad degree.

What is the one book you think everyone should read?

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

What qualities make someone particularly successful in the profession in which you teach?

When an English major has a belief in the ability of literature to change lives, and when he or she realizes hard work really does result in personal satisfaction, then he or she will succeed.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that English teachers face today?

One of the biggest challenges facing English majors is that people don't believe an English degree can help with a career, English majors can do anything. They are actors (James Franco), journalists (Bob Woodward), reporters, teachers, comedians (Conan O'Brien), politicians (Governor Mario Cuomo), and even movie millionaires (Steven Spielberg), as well as lawyers, writers (Stephen King) and good, interesting parents who know the value of stories.

How do you see online learning affecting the future of education?

If the quality of the degree program is strong, education can be expanded beyond its current reach to underserved or remote citizens. Online programs need to be rigorous, disciplined, and innovative, as ours is.

What can earning a bachelor's degree do for a working adult?

A bachelor's degree can increase one person's salary by thousands of dollars, prepare students for thinking critically and conceptually in the current and future workplace, and gives online students the opportunity to strengthen their grit, or discipline, because they learn to meet deadlines and work under self-imposed pressure.

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