Job Options With a Psychology Degree

If you are considering an online bachelor's degree in psychology at Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA), you might be wondering what your job options are.

Jobs Related to Psychology

A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in psychology provides a background in human behavior, communication and statistics that is useful for many positions related to psychology.

Social Workers

Organizations often prefer their social workers to have backgrounds in psychology. Social workers counsel individuals and families that may be having difficulties with substance abuse or familial dysfunction. They also counsel those needing protective services or facing homelessness.

Many schools employ social workers for assessment and to counsel individual students or groups of students.

Social workers are also employed by state agencies charged with family welfare and social services.

Some states require social workers to have a master's degree in social work (MSW) or psychology. The LSUA BS in psychology online provides thorough preparation for a master's program in social work.

Counselors and Therapists

Counselors and therapists are often required to have a degree in psychology as well. Counselors do a wide variety of tasks and work in multiple settings. A counselor in a school, for example, may work with the teaching staff and administration to match students with suitable college or vocational choices. Counselors work with groups and individuals as assessors, advisors and coaches.

Therapists generally work with individuals to understand behavior and motivation. They may work with patients who have specific goals, such as lessening obsessive-compulsive behavior or smoking cessation, for example.

Therapists may work in private practice, clinics or government agencies, to name a few.

Some states and agencies may require counselors and therapists to earn an advanced degree for licensure to practice. Other positions may be obtainable with a BS in psychology, especially at the entry level.


You can teach with a BS in psychology. For kindergarten through grade 12, you can qualify as a teacher with a bachelor's degree. Most states require certification and licensure as well.

People with a bachelor's degree in psychology make excellent teachers because they have learned about behavior and motivation, which are key assets in managing busy classrooms.

You will also learn communication skills, both written and verbal, and assessment techniques as part of an online BS in psychology.

Psychiatric Technician

Psychiatric technicians are needed in hospitals, clinics and other care facilities to work with individuals who have mental or emotional conditions or disabilities. They work with doctors and other members of the healthcare team.

Psychiatric technicians may, for example, work in rehabilitation and treatment programs, provide care to people who are unable to take care of themselves, and oversee medication regimens, administering medications as necessary.

They may work in private or public hospitals, private or public care facilities, or care homes under private or government auspices.

Jobs Outside of Psychology

A BS in psychology is an excellent degree to have because of the job flexibility it offers. In gaining a background in psychology, students learn valuable and transferable skills. Understanding human behavior is an essential skill in many positions. Communication is key to almost every occupation.

In addition, BS in psychology graduates typically learn statistics and data analysis, both of which are important in many positions.

Psychology degree holders can be particularly valuable in HR departments, for example. These departments assess and hire people for jobs. They conduct training and do background checks. Understanding how people behave and what motivates them can be very helpful for hiring managers.

Knowledge of psychology can also be helpful in many types of sales. You will have understanding of the motivations behind people's wants and desires.

Customer relations, management and media are other fields fit for psychology majors. Their knowledge of human behavior makes them excellent marketers for all types of businesses.

Police officers can make excellent use of the communication skills and cultural knowledge gained in psychology courses.

Because a BS in Psychology includes study of statistics, graduates of the program can work in information technology, examining data and producing reports. They can also work in budget forecasting and economics departments.

Nonprofits are another domain with strong job prospects for psychology grads. Nonprofits dedicated to good causes, from promoting diabetes awareness to working for a cleaner environment, offer those in the helping professions a chance to make a difference. Nonprofit jobs for psychology grads can range from developing educational and marketing programs to writing grants to support an organization's work.

A bachelor's degree in psychology prepares graduates for fulfilling job options both within and outside the field of psychology.

Learn more about the LSUA online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.


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