Writing Skills Are Necessary in Every Profession

People and businesses today rely on digital communication more than ever. Emails, texts and social media have replaced phone calls and face-to-face conversations. However, employers still look for employees who can write and communicate effectively using more than tweets or short videos.

Communication is the foundation of a strong business, and college graduates who can communicate well have a better chance of surviving today’s tough job market. Because many careers require good writing, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in English enjoy a variety of great options.

The Importance of Writing Skills

According to the Houston Chronicle, “A company’s most valuable employees are those who are great communicators and have personal traits such as reliability and integrity. Those employees will be the company leaders.” Good communicators express their ideas more fully and more persuasively than other employees.

According to Time magazine, a Grammarly study of LinkedIn profiles found that “Professionals who received one to four promotions made 45 percent more grammatical errors than did professionals who were promoted six to nine times.” People who do not communicate well, no matter how developed their ideas, could miss out on promotions or new clients due to poor writing skills.

Time goes on to say that “Bad writing can have a wide-ranging, negative effect on your business, from creating a less-than-coherent business plan and hampering your efforts to attract investors, to communicating with employees, vendors and even your customers.”

Writing in the Workplace

Good writing skills lend business communications more credibility. A job candidate who can ask clear questions, present information persuasively or even speak casually with coworkers is much more valuable in the job market.

For example, if a person cannot write a cover letter without grammatical errors or speak well during an interview, the employer might wonder how well this candidate will perform at the job. These issues might cause hiring managers to consider other candidates.

Where Do Communicators Work?

A variety of careers demand good writing skills. Editors, teachers, lawyers, politicians and journalists all rely on this skill set. Classes in public speaking, technical writing, composition and grammar prepare graduates with bachelor’s degrees in English for these careers.

Other career options with a heavy emphasis in communication include the following:

  • Advertising executives.
  • Copywriters.
  • Lobbyists.

Communication and writing skills are the foundation of strong business relationships — proficiency with social media will not always cut it. A bachelor’s degree in English is a flexible option that prepares graduates to succeed in many career fields.

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