Work Toward a Bachelor’s Degree While Earning Your Associate Degree

Earning an associate degree online can be a convenient way to quickly improve your career. Further, it can boost your chances of success if you plan to earn a bachelor’s degree as well. At Louisiana State University of Alexandria, you can apply credit hours from your Associate of Science online degree toward a bachelor’s degree, either immediately or in the future, which could save you time and money.

Maintain Positive Momentum

If you’re on the path to completing your associate degree online, you know that you have what it takes to succeed in college. You’ve gained the skills, you’ve learned to manage your time, and you’re familiar with the expectations of online coursework. For many students, continuing on to earn a bachelor’s degree becomes a natural next step.

Why Bother With an Associate Degree?

If you know before you enter college that a bachelor’s degree is your ultimate goal, you may think completing an associate degree online first is an unnecessary step. However, studies show that students who begin pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a transferred associate degree were 77 percent more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree in four years and 52 percent more likely to finish in six years. These students tend to enter bachelor’s degree programs with their core requirements already satisfied, which helps those who want to stay on track for graduation.

Improve Your Career

Even if you plan to also earn a bachelor’s degree, earning an associate degree online halfway through can boost your earning potential while you complete your studies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with an associate degree earn on average 17 percent more than workers with a high school diploma. Earning an associate degree also opens up many job opportunities that aren’t available to workers who have yet to earn a degree.

The decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree while earning an associate degree online can be a solid move. The boost to your earning potential, employability, and academic success make this a smart choice for many students.

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