Transfer Credits for an Associate Degree

Prospective students who have already completed some college classes may be eligible to transfer the credits they’ve earned toward an associate degree. This can help a student who has had to take a break from their education — or found that their first school wasn’t the right fit — continue their studies without having to retake the classes they’ve already completed.

Why Transfer?

Students seeking to transfer their credits may have taken a number of college classes several years ago and are now ready to finish earning their Associate of Science online degree. Others may be currently enrolled in another college but want to transfer to one they’ve determined will better meet their needs. Either way, this can be a positive step toward completing your education in the manner that works best for you.

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Students looking to transfer credits into an Associate of Science online degree program at Louisiana State University of Alexandria must meet several admissions criteria. To qualify for a transfer of credits, students must have earned at least 12 credit hours from a regionally accredited school, and they must have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Students must also have completed a college-level English course and a college-level Math course that counted toward general education requirements.

LSUA also has a transfer credit search tool, which you can use to look up your home institution and see how each course you have taken will transfer. It can be helpful for a student to know what to expect when submitting transfer transcripts.


In addition to accepting transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges, some programs may also accept credit hours from several other sources. A student who has taken dual enrollment classes while still attending high school may use those classes as college credit, as indicated on their transcripts. LSUA also accepts some transfer credits from members of the United States military who have served on active duty. Criminal justice students may be eligible to receive credit hours for police academy basic training.

Students who intend to earn an Associate of Science online degree and have already completed some coursework may find that transferring their credits is a sensible move. This can be an important step for students who want to finish their education and achieve their goals.

Learn more about the LSUA online Associate of Science program.


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