How to Become an English Teacher in Louisiana

For some, becoming a teacher is a lifelong dream, while others develop the interest later in their careers. Regardless, there are plenty of schools and programs available to help students build their teaching careers.

Traditionally, students interested in becoming English teachers enrolled in a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Sciences program in education, which can include the following: general education courses, a certification area of focus, professional education, 180 hours of field experiences and one semester of student teaching or internship at a school. Alternatively, prospective English teachers could earn an undergraduate degree in English and then transfer into an alternate teacher preparation program.

English Degree

Today, students have more undergraduate degree options — for example, LSUA’s online B.A. in English program. This program accepts many transfer credits so students don’t have to repeat courses they’ve already completed. Further, since the program is entirely online, students have the flexibility to continue working while they earn the degrees they need to teach English.

The LSUA online program also offers classes that give students the skills they will need in an English teaching career: written and verbal communication, critical thinking, time management and public speaking. Students will also study drama, poetry, the novel, literary history and foreign language. To graduate with a degree in English, LSUA students need 39 hours of General Education Courses, 39 hours of Major Requirements, 6 hours of Foreign Language and 36 hours of electives.

Alternate Teacher Preparation

The alternate teacher preparation program offers three paths to choose from: the Practitioner Teacher Program (PTP), the Master’s Degree Program (MDP) or the Certification-Only Program (COP). Each program, requires degree holders to take a Praxis test, which covers pedagogy and content, including reading, writing and mathematics.

The PTP is an intense and efficient path; it incorporates coursework with teaching full-time (requiring 24 to 33 credit hours and a range of 315 to 495 contact hours).

In the MDP, prospective teachers can earn a master’s degree and then acquire certification to become a teacher (requiring 33 to 39 graduate credit hours).

Students who choose the COP program can take courses in-person or online to earn a certificate (requiring 27 to 33 credit hours, or the equivalent of 405 to 495 contact hours).

Students should investigate what each option enables them to do — for example, which ages or learning abilities graduates can teach. These options also prepare you for different types of licenses.

Because of their flexibility, online degree programs with a major in English provide an effective route to become an English teacher. After completing the degree, graduates can easily enter the alternate teacher preparation program that suits them best.

Learn more about the LSUA online BA in English program.


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