Develop Grammar Skills With an English Degree

Grammar courses are common requirements for students earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. These courses, such as English 2010 — English Grammar, at Louisiana State University at Alexandria, teach “analysis of the sentence and discussion of the basis of standard usage.”

Grammar First

Grammar courses are a part of English degree programs because they strengthen your ability to analyze and discuss writing. Before English majors can critically analyze texts, ideas or interpretations, they must first understand the essential terms and concepts central to any discussion about language or communication.

Everyone Writes

Many people feel that they don’t fully understand grammar. As a result, they may hesitate to write in a business capacity. However, no one can avoid writing completely. Communication, coordination and collaboration all rely on writing to some extent. Many English composition courses focus more on rhetorical structure than grammar, which is why a specific grammar course is beneficial. Mastering grammar can bring confidence to your writing, which makes you an asset in professional environments.

Benefits of a College Degree

A B.A. in English can lead to higher earning potential, increased employment opportunities and greater job satisfaction. LSUA’s online courses are both flexible and convenient, so you can pursue the degree without interrupting your existing personal and professional obligations. You can complete your coursework when it makes sense for you — from the convenience of your own home or office. With a number of available start dates throughout the year, you can begin mastering grammar and communication in a matter of weeks.

Learn more about the LSUA online BA in English program.


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