What Is a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration?

As the baby boomer generation continues to retire, the need for more healthcare providers will continue to expand at an unprecedented rate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that by 2030 there will be about 72 million Americans over the age of 65. That equates to one in every five people and most in this population will have one, if not more, chronic condition that will need to be managed. Those with targeted education, such as a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration, will be ideal candidates perfectly positioned to care for the needs of American seniors.

Educational Coursework

The coursework for a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration will provide a broad base of knowledge for caring for seniors in a variety of settings. The graduate will have a working knowledge of the American healthcare system and the understanding it would take to develop standards and policies that comply with government standards. The graduate will understand general business principles to assist in overseeing and directing various members of the healthcare team. They will have specialized knowledge on the care and needs of the elderly as well as the skill to meet their needs in any capacity.

Course Length

Depending on the course load that the student can accommodate, a specialized bachelor's degree in this area can be completed in about four years, similar to most bachelor degrees. Those needing a more flexible schedule to accommodate work or personal obligations might want to consider an online bachelor's degree program. By taking the coursework online, the student is able to have fewer interruptions to their daily schedule while still working toward their degree. Students may be able to transfer existing credits or take multiple courses at once to shorten the length of an online program.

Career Preparation

Once a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration is earned, the options are limitless for careers. Most jobs will be found as nursing home administrators, assisted living facility administrators, directors of home health agencies or adult daycares. With such a large population needing increased levels of care, the graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration will find an exceptional job outlook in traditional areas, as well as areas for entrepreneurs. The opportunities will only be limited to the graduate's ambitions and fortitude.

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