How to earn an RN to BSN degree on your schedule

Going back to school used to mean waiting until September to start. Regardless of the college curriculum, starting midyear was rarely an option. If you are a nurse, however, flexible RN to BSN programs are available for almost any schedule, allowing you to balance work, home and school.

Choose from several start dates throughout the year

Research several online RN to BSN program types before committing to one. Schools use staggered schedules to accommodate students as much as possible. Where one program starts in January, another may begin in April. Try to match your schedule with the class start date. Once you make a commitment, it is important to stick with the program until graduation.

Plan schooling around personal or career projects

If you have an immersion RN work training session planned for spring, for instance, consider starting an online RN to BSN program in the summer. The versatile start dates allow you to plan ahead if work or home responsibilities must be cared for first. Freeing up your time after a project allows you to concentrate on the curriculum. You will know the program’s completion date, giving you a chance to schedule any other work projects after you receive the degree.

Never put off what you can start today

Although you may have received your associate degree in the past year, you could continue as a student with an online RN to BSN program. You may work as a registered nurse, but your schooling could have a cohesive feeling between programs if you start right away. Flexible class schedules give you a chance to retain all your previous education and apply it with more depth in the bachelor's degree courses.

There is always time to study

If the kids are going back to school in the fall, you can match your class start date with their district, taking advantage of their time in school for studying. Online programs allow you to tailor you learning to the time of the day most convenient to you. In addition, because you do not have to commute to campus, you can optimize the time you devote to your education. You will always have time to study with proper planning.

Be on the lookout for the next online RN to BSN program start date. Each school has a different schedule, but many have dates starting every few months.

Learn more about LSUA’s online RN to BSN program.

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