Focus on Nursing With an Online RN to BSN Program

In a 2010 groundbreaking report titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, the Institute of Medicine called for 80 percent of all nurses to have a bachelor’s degree. Spurring the recommendation was the quest to improve healthcare by having highly educated nurses in decision-making positions and as full partners in healthcare. Considering nurses make up the largest component of the healthcare workforce, their impact on improving patient care is significant. However, nurses are often hesitant to return to school for fear that the focus will shift away from their nursing practice.

Nurses who enter an online RN to BSN program quickly realize that the program does not divert focus from nursing practice, but in fact enhances it. Students in these programs will have a more in-depth education in nursing research, public and community health, nursing leadership, and professional development. While exploring the different aspects of healthcare, nurses can develop a better understanding of the complexity of the healthcare environment where they currently work.

The new knowledge nurses gain in an online RN to BSN program will help them focus on their nursing practice, which ultimately impacts the patients and communities they serve. As they go through the program, they begin to recognize the significant impact that nursing has on the world and how they can influence better patient outcomes.

As nurses develop their knowledge base and skills through an online RN to BSN program, career opportunities open up that were not previously available. More importantly, if they choose to continue their education after graduating with the bachelor’s degree, the potential for career growth is strong.

Completing an online RN to BSN program contributes to personal and professional growth for nurses. Once they obtain and implement the knowledge they have gained, patient outcomes improve, helping nurses achieve one of the primary goals of their profession.

Learn about the Louisiana State University at Alexandria online RN to BSN program.


Institute of Medicine: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health

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