Bachelor's Degree Designed for Lab Techs

Louisiana State University of Alexandria's online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program is a road to new opportunity for certified lab technicians who want to get more out of their healthcare career. Making the transition from Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) or Certified Laboratory Technician (CLT) to Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) is easier than ever before, and taking this step can lead to better compensation, a wider range of career choices, and more direct collaboration with clinicians and researchers.

If you have graduated from an NAACLS-accredited associate degree program in medical laboratory science — and you are currently working and certified as an MLT or CLT — this degree is designed for you. Lab professionals who hold a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) credential are also eligible to apply. 

Core Knowledge and Proficiency in Laboratory Science 

The LSUA BS-MLS program focuses on helping students attain the core academic knowledge and meet the professional standards of the laboratory science field. Professors also work closely with students who seek to achieve fundamental competency in laboratory practice and other skills needed to excel in this area of medicine. 

Coursework covers all aspects of laboratory work: physical and interpretive tasks of testing, safety protocols, ethical concerns, interpersonal communication and information management. The rigorous nature of the degree program ensures that students' academic preparation is thorough and appropriate as they move toward professional certification. 

A quick sample of the program's curriculum demonstrates the depth and breadth of knowledge BS-MLS graduates must have in order to work well with clinicians, researchers and other diagnostic practitioners. This program meets standards issued by the accrediting organizations that monitor lab performance: 

  • Advanced hematology, immunotherapy, clinical chemistry and pathogenic microbiology
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Survey of virology
  • General, organic and clinical chemistry
  • Clinical practicums in microscopy and immunohematology serology
  • Professional practice seminars 

Support Along the Path to National Certification 

The flexibility of online study gives students who are preparing to take the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification exam the room to work at their own pace with the support of professors who are ready to help facilitate their success. Students who come into the program without the two years of on-site laboratory experience required to sit for the exam may complete that requirement whenever they choose as they work on their degree. 

Some students can complete this step while also taking classes, while others need time to finish all coursework and focus on the two-year requirement at the end of their degree program. Regardless of the order in which students schedule classes and on-site laboratory experience, program staff and professors continue to guide each student in his or her preparations for taking the BOC exam. ASCP also offers an eligibility assistance tool to help students navigate the application process. 

However you choose to complete your BS in Medical Laboratory Science, LSUA provides the options and support you need to make your laboratory career soar.

Learn more about LSUA's online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program.  


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