What Is a BGS Degree in Disaster Science & Emergency Management?

The emergency management field is growing substantially. If you are considering transitioning to an emergency management career, then you will benefit from an online Bachelor of General Studies: Disaster Science & Emergency Management degree. The BGS degree is a large part of the required education for emergency management-related jobs in the private, nonprofit and public service sectors.

Further Your Potential With a BGS Degree

Students must complete a series of general education and core courses along with electives to earn the online BGS degree. Some of the mandatory courses include the following:

  • Disasters in History.
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness.
  • Introduction to Disaster Science and Emergency Management.
  • Technology and Emergency Management.
  • Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Psychology.
  • Personality Psychology.

In addition to coursework, a practicum is available for hands-on training.

Perfect for Public Health and Law Enforcement Professionals

As the number of man-made and natural disasters increases, communities and governments must both prepare for such disasters. If you have experience in public health, law enforcement or the military, an online emergency management degree may be the best way to broaden your career options. Your transferable skills and the online BGS degree enhance your value to local, state and national governments seeking to hire professionals for emergency management jobs.

How to Select the Best B.G.S. Degree Online Program

  1. Find out what type of job you want and whether the degree is the best match.
  2. Determine whether the program has national or regional accreditation.
  3. Understand how theory and practical knowledge work together.
  4. Inquire about internships and other support services.
  5. Ascertain whether or not instructors have relevant certifications.

Disaster Science and Emergency Management Is a Career for Leaders

While emergency managers previously came primarily from public sector response backgrounds such as firefighting and the military, that is changing. Today, the emergency management career path is a multilevel profession. Well-rounded disaster science and emergency management professionals require relevant education, training and experience.

Daryl Spiewak, the emergency, safety and compliance program manager for the Brazos River Authority in Waco, Texas, said a degree shows you are keeping up with the latest regulations and guidelines. Ultimately, the online BGS degree may help save you and your employer a lot of time when seconds count the most.

Learn about the Louisiana State University of Alexandria online BGS in Disaster Science & Emergency Management program.


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