5 Jobs for Emergency Management Degree Holders

When an emergency or disaster happens, professionals across the emergency management industry react. Among them are certified first responders, law enforcement authorities and government officials. Other professionals tackle recovery and rescue efforts or monitor healthcare needs after disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes or terrorist attacks.

While emergency management jobs are diverse, what remains consistent is a desire to protect and preserve life and property. An emergency management degree can pave the way to a good-paying job and career advancement options. Qualified candidates can choose from a variety of popular emergency management jobs as the field continues to grow at home and abroad. If you are a leader who wants a dynamic career, then consider these five popular emergency management jobs.

1. Emergency Management Specialist

Job description snapshot: Develops disaster response plans, trains others for emergencies and works with government officials. An emergency management degree provides a good foundation in addition to on-the-job training.

Tips for success: Be able to manage stress because you will face a variety of scenarios that will place you “under the gun,” according to Daniel J. Klenow, department head of the emergency management department at North Dakota State University. He also highlights the importance of solid communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

2. Emergency Management Director

Job description snapshot: Be ready to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies by creating plans and protocols. State and local governments along with hospitals usually hire emergency management directors.

Tips for success: Extensive experience in various roles such as law enforcement, fire safety or the military are necessary. You must also be a collaborator who can work with other agencies.

Salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, emergency management directors earned a median salary of $67,330 in 2015.

3. Public Health Emergency Management Planner

Job description snapshot: Plans and prepares for public health crises and emergencies including terrorist attacks. Must have a four-year degree in emergency management, public health or related fields.

Tips for success: Be available to work as needed. May be on call. Must have strong communication and collaboration skills.

Salary: Estimated annual salary $65,135 – $85,290.

4. Disaster Recovery Manager

Job description snapshot: Make sure various assets are secure, such as company data, technology and information systems. This role also generates plans for disaster recovery.

Tips for success: Must be thoroughly familiar with the essential concepts and protocols and have the required education and experience.

Salary: According to Salary.com, the median annual salary is $118,175 as of March 24, 2016. Depending on several factors, the salary could range from $105,552 to $134,705.

5. Sr. Emergency Management Program Coordinator

Job description snapshot: A leader who can help plan, develop and coordinate a response plan that enforces federal and state requirements.

Tips for success: Comfortable working with management of other agencies.

Salary: An estimated annual salary of $61,817.60 – $83,200.00.

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