Why Earn a Criminal Justice Degree?

Completing a criminal justice degree can be a solid first step into a wide variety of careers. From law enforcement to law school, students may find themselves working in one of many jobs within the criminal justice field. The variety of options can be beneficial for students who have not found their niche yet. An added benefit is the ability to complete this bachelor’s degree online, which is useful for those looking to break into a criminal justice career as well as those already working in the field.

Law Enforcement Careers

Often, students who are planning on going directly into the law enforcement field will gain the skills and knowledge pertinent to their job. A criminal justice degree is not necessarily a requirement; however, it does offer some benefits. Many departments will hire a candidate with any kind of bachelor’s degree, but there could be pay increases, stipends or bonuses for those who have a degree in criminal justice. Also, departments have a minimum age requirement and pursuing the degree with the intent to work in law enforcement is an opportunity to develop a broad base of knowledge related to the field before entering the academy.

Become an Attorney

Students who wish to become attorneys may find a criminal justice degree attractive. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can give them a solid foundation and understanding of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. From there, they can pursue more specific training and coursework through a master’s degree or law school.

Career Advancement Through Networking

For students already working in a job related to criminal justice, completing the criminal justice degree can help them advance their careers. It offers the opportunity to network and learn about different aspects of jobs within the field. This could lead to finding a position with a department or group that they are passionate about. Students already working in a criminal justice field may also have access to tuition assistance or reimbursement to complete a degree through their agency.

A Great Choice for Working Students

The ability to complete a bachelor’s degree online can help those who are looking to change careers. These students can continue to work while taking classes, which makes it easier for them to support themselves while learning and networking within their newly chosen field. Since coursework is often taught by people working within various corners of the field, these second-career students have the benefit of learning from those with real and ongoing experience.

The criminal justice system is large and has a wide variety of job openings, including those for correctional officers, police officers and lawyers. While each career path has different requirements, a criminal justice degree can benefit anyone who wants to work in the criminal justice field. The skills and knowledge obtained can help students in their current position or help them find their niche and advance their careers.

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