Choose Your Electives in an Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Program

The criminal justice system is an expansive field that operates at the municipal, state and federal levels. Included in each of these levels are law enforcement professionals, the judicial system and the prison system. Given its size, the criminal justice system offers multiple professional opportunities in various fields. Online criminal justice degree programs allow people to choose their own electives based on their professional interests within the field.

Electives That Focus on Corrections

Individuals intrigued by the corrections system can take criminal justice courses that cover topics such as probation and parole, the U.S. prison system, or community corrections. These courses survey the different responsibilities of the corrections system. They look at the functions of different prisons, the process for granting probation and parole, and the advantages and disadvantages of non-traditional corrections programs. Students can also study correctional institutions and management, examining staffing issues, daily operations, and violence in prisons.

Forensic Science Studies

Other electives cover forensic science and how it serves the investigative process. Course topics include introduction and application of technology, the use of proper tools when gathering evidence and conducting investigations, and the rules for admissible evidence.

Psychology Electives

Online criminal justice degrees also include electives in psychology. Developmental psychology surveys the developmental changes that a person’s psyche undergoes over a lifetime. Child psychology examines how children develop physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. A knowledge of psychology can be especially informative when studying criminal behavior.

Study Several Different Electives

There are several other electives you can study under the criminal justice umbrella. The size and scope of the criminal justice system offers opportunities for experts across a variety of fields. Criminal law, criminal investigation, deviance and issues in criminal justice all give different perspectives of what happens within the criminal justice field.

Online Degree Programs

Online criminal justice degree programs are convenient for adults with full-time jobs. Classes are flexible and students can complete coursework anywhere there is an internet connection. Online students have all the same access to criminal justice courses as those who attend brick-and-mortar institutions. Working adults can now complete higher education and still meet the demands of daily life.

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