A Bachelor’s Degree Could Be the Ticket to a Promotion in Law Enforcement

If you are not sure how to move up in law enforcement, consider the advantages of earning a criminal justice degree. Candidates with a degree have a competitive advantage over non-degreed candidates. When it comes to hiring practices, although qualification requirements vary between departments and law enforcement agencies, there are several advantages to completing an online criminal justice degree for individuals interested in a law enforcement career.

Applicants Without a Degree May Be Overlooked

A degree in law enforcement can provide a competitive edge in the job market. More often than not, the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings. People without a degree are often overlooked in favor of those who hold one.

Leadership and Specialized Positions Require a Degree

While qualifications for entry-level positions may vary, several agencies do require a degree for leadership positions. Knowledge of forensics and criminology can be especially helpful when seeking a job as an investigator or in a crime lab. A degree provides specialized skills and knowledge that are favorable when seeking certain positions.

Federal Work Requires a Degree

Working for federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation requires a degree. Most federal agencies only hire degreed applicants.

Benefits of an Online Degree Program

Earning a criminal justice degree online is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to move up in law enforcement. The degree is flexible and convenient. There are no daily class schedules to work around and students can complete coursework anywhere there is an internet connection. A resume that includes a bachelor’s degree is more impressive and it shows diligence, discipline and persistence. A degree provides more options with different agencies, gives applicants a competitive edge, and prepares individuals for more specialized work in different fields across law enforcement agencies.

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