Skills Gained in a Business Administration Degree Program

A business administration degree equips graduates to launch or elevate careers in a variety of fields. While business administration is a specialized field, it is also an umbrella that covers a wide range of topics and skills. Some of the most useful skills earned in a business administration degree program are directly transferable to the workplace. Earning a degree online is an increasingly popular choice with busy students looking to increase their earning potential on a schedule that works for them. With a little research, an online bachelor's degree in business administration could be perfect for you.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate clearly and intelligently, whether in person, over the phone or online, is a talent that you can transfer across almost any career path. Luckily, a business administration degree provides ongoing opportunities to hone critical communication skills.

Business leaders must be skilled communicators, and they must be able to adapt to a range of situations. From talking one-on-one with a potential client and presenting in front of business leaders to crafting on-target letters and emails, there is no shortage of opportunities to put your communication skills to good use.

Decision-Making Skills

In many organizations, people who are able to calmly assess a situation, weigh the options, and make a sound decision are extremely valuable. When emotions, personal preference or opinions get in the way of sound decision-making, organizations can suffer. An individual with a business administration degree will have the big-picture scope needed to tackle a decision with a clear head and guide the organization -- whether it is a startup with two people or a corporation with thousands -- in the right direction.

Project Management Skills

Coming up with a smart, forward-thinking idea is only the first step in moving an initiative forward. Many great ideas have failed thanks to a lack of attention to the "nuts and bolts" of what it takes to get something off the ground.

A degree in business administration provides graduates with the ability to see a vision through to completion. Having the skills to manage a project from conception to launch is extremely valuable.

Entrepreneurial Skills

A degree in business administration does not necessarily mean a path to a corporate job, nor does it mean a role at a nonprofit or in government. Many who pursue a business administration education find it prepares them to create something from the ground up and launch their own business.

With the education of a business administration degree, graduates gain the knowledge and courage needed to branch out and pursue a unique path. And, even if a graduate is not entirely sure about starting his or her own business, a business administration degree can equip candidates to succeed in startup companies or launch new initiatives at established organizations.

An advantage to earning a business administration degree is its versatility. While the abovementioned traits are desirable in the business world, they transfer well to many other disciplines and careers. Plenty of people have the desire, temperament and motivation to work in the business world; however, it is exposure to the principles and lessons learned from a business administration degree that can be the difference between success and failure in the real world.

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