Marketing Electives in an Online BSBA Program

Marketing is a popular field in the business world. Students pursuing a BSBA degree will take basic marketing classes as part of their foundation courses. For those who wish to work in marketing, there are often a number of marketing electives that help them gain the skills and knowledge needed to think creatively and deliver quality marketing campaigns to help their companies succeed. With these additional courses, students can work in many types of marketing jobs in nearly any industry.

Principles of Marketing

One of the marketing electives is a course on the principles of marketing. In this course, students take a deeper look at some areas of marketing initially covered in their basic courses. Students will learn how marketing functions at different levels and for different groups, from company to consumer. They will learn more about different types of marketing strategies, how they are useful, and how to employ them effectively. At the same time, students learn more about some of the issues that arise, such as cost, while putting a marketing plan together or when there is a problem with a plan that is already active.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a popular and constantly evolving area, and it is a useful marketing elective for students who want to pursue any type of career in marketing. Nearly every business uses some form of digital marketing, from customer emails to social media to paid search ads. The platforms and best practices are always changing as new channels emerge at a rapid rate. Coursework in digital marketing can address many factors such as the best ways to use different types of social media, how to integrate different types of digital marketing into an overall marketing plan, and how to make the most of these different opportunities in a fast-paced environment.

International Marketing

With the rise of digital marketing, international marketing has also become much more relevant. Digital marketing has made it easy to reach a global consumer base, but in some cases, it can be very important to learn how to work within the expectations and practices of a specific country. Students who are interested in working in a multi-national corporation will find an international marketing course helpful when they need to research specific countries and regions. They can then translate their findings into best practices for the international market. An international marketing elective will also give students some experience with the types of marketing tools that are widely used and available internationally.

Marketing Management

While there are many types and levels of marketing in which a student can work, management is a goal for many students. An elective in marketing management can prepare students to manage a team and marketing campaigns from conception through successful deployment. The basics of marketing give students a great overview of the entire process, but management coursework can help them learn how to solve common problems in marketing, learn how to effectively manage people and resources, and use all the tools available to create a successful marketing campaign for their company.

No matter the type or area of marketing students are interested in, there are marketing electives to help them achieve their goals. A wide range of topics can give students a broad knowledge base and skills to successfully work within a marketing department or to advertise and promote their own business. Additionally, marketing is used in nearly every organization so students focusing on marketing while completing their BSBA degree can take their expertise to an industry they are interested in and passionate about.

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