Gain a Better Understanding of Finance

Professionals who have earned an online bachelor’s degree in business stand out in a competitive job market. In fact, completing a program that includes courses in finance will pay dividends no matter which career path you choose.

While a college education is valuable, your college major is what matters most, says Joshua Wright, of Economic Modeling Specialists International, a labor market research firm.’s Best College Majors for Your Career 2015-2016, selected finance as No. 5 on its list, based on a review of 128 popular majors for college students. In fact, the website says that the 10-year job growth is 16 percent for finance majors. Courses in finance lead to high-demand jobs throughout a person’s career. The starting salary is $50,900 and jumps to $89,300 at mid-career based on

6 Reasons to Enroll in Courses in Finance

Knowledge of finance is a must for anyone in the business arena. Check out these benefits:

  1. Understanding finance is useful to all industries and many jobs.
  2. Knowledge of finance enhances your career advancement options.
  3. Courses in finance educate you about the business of businesses.
  4. A degree in business provides the potential to earn a great salary.
  5. Studying finance opens the door to becoming a well-informed investor.
  6. Financial knowledge increases professional skills and personal know-how.

An online bachelor’s degree program in business offers many classes to give you the finance knowledge you need to succeed.

Business Finance

Learn the role of finance in a business and gather information about how capital is structured. Grasp insights into a company's domestic and international relationships. Gain information about the steps to financial management along with details about dividend policy. Tap into the workings of successful capital management.

Money and Banking

Build your knowledge of the value of commercial banks and their role in our economy. Boost your understanding of America’s fiscal policy and how it plays out at home and abroad.

Principles of Macroeconomics

Get introduced to economic concepts and problems along with other economics-related data. Topics such as accounting receive special attention.

Managerial Accounting

Boost your knowledge of accounting methods and principles. Gain insights into data gathering and learn the process that management uses to reach decisions.

Principles of Microeconomics

Explore basic economics and theories of production. Study economic development problems as well as unregulated industries.

Financial Accounting

Learn about income measurement and how to do a financial statement. Grasp data spanning cash flows and stockholders’ equity.

Become a Leader in Business Finance

Successful companies and organizations rely on solid business principles and capable professionals. Gain the technical know-how along with time management, communication and project management skills to lead your organization to greater success. Invest in your future with an online bachelor’s degree in business.

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Why should I study finance?

Best College Majors for Your Career 2015-2016

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