Elective Course Options in an Online BSBA

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration has the potential to open a lot of doors. Required coursework for the BSBA degree covers business basics such as introductions to management and finance. The many course options, including HR electives, available help students find their niche within the business industry. From owning or managing a business to working within a larger corporation, coursework in business administration can help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

HR Courses

Taking HR electives while pursuing a BSBA degree can be a wise choice. Human resources is a large field, and there is often a demand for HR professionals. A bachelor’s degree is generally the basic degree needed to join the HR field. After taking basic coursework in business and management, there are a number of electives that are useful for a student who wishes to work in HR. An advanced course in human resource management prepares students to recruit, select and retain employees. It also helps students understand how employees relate to their environment and coworkers, and how the employer can maximize employee happiness and efficiency. Maintaining a staff can be much more cost effective than dealing with high employee turnover, and this type of elective can help students moving into HR management create and cultivate successful work environments.

Writing Courses

Another interesting area with potential is writing. There are many writing courses offered in an online BSBA degree program. These can include technical and professional writing. Both of these classes provide students the tools to work on projects from conception to publication. Different aspects of these classes may include research, document design, collaboration and presentation. These courses could be beneficial to someone who wants to focus on training in the HR field. HR professionals often create training courses in house, and someone with the skills who can collaborate with other departments, perform research when necessary, and then create courses or presentations can be invaluable to an HR team. Students who focus on writing may also find themselves in a position to write about innovations and new practices in HR for an internal newsletter or trade publication.

Finance Courses

Finance is another area of focus that students can apply to many different jobs. Coursework in finance, economics, banking and other related topics gives students a solid financial foundation. With a BSBA degree focused on finance, students can work within a larger corporation or own and manage their own business. A financial focus can help students who want to work in a specific industry. Businesses of all sorts need financially minded employees for many types of jobs, and this can be a way for a student interested in finance to break into an industry that they are passionate about. In either case, students will know how to maximize earnings and efficiently manage resources to bring about the success of the business.

No matter a student’s interest when completing a BSBA degree, there are a number of classes and electives that can help them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. Once students have taken the basics courses, they can tailor their course selections to their own interests and strengths. The wide variety of classes can help students make the most of their time completing a degree and ensure that they are gaining competence in their preferred business area.

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