How Can Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Help Bankers?

Working as a teller or in another entry-level position at a bank makes a great stepping stone for a career in banking and finance. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for a bank teller in 2018 was $29,450. A college degree is not required for these jobs so you can start right after high school. But when you are ready to take the next step — whether it is five, 10 or 20 years later — a business degree can help.

Find New Opportunities With an Online Business Degree

Earning a business degree can prepare tellers and non-specialized bankers to advance their careers to executive roles and beyond. "I would say from personal experience that it might allow you to go from working as a teller at a credit union to a CEO of a financial institution," says Beverly Alwell, Louisiana State University of Alexandria instructor.

Alwell did not earn a degree the first time she entered college. At age 32, she decided to complete her undergraduate degree. Since then, she has earned an MBA, and after working in the financial services industry for years, she now gives back by teaching.

A bachelor's degree in business can increase earning potential because it supplies you with the knowledge you need for top roles in banking. You can also move into other business fields, such as marketing, accounting, operations, human resources and manufacturing.

Earning a degree shows potential employers that you can set a goal and achieve it. It lets them see that you know how to work with a variety of expectations and people to succeed. Completing college courses develops business acumen, and employers want to hire people who can make sound business decisions. And when something fails, they want someone who can learn from the experience.

Good business acumen also requires effective communication. Enrolling in a business program can help cultivate these and other soft skills that employers are looking for.

How Bankers Can Earn a BSBA While Working

Louisiana State University of Alexandria offers a 100-percent-online undergraduate program to help working adults earn a degree without quitting their jobs or cutting back on hours. Students are able to balance school with their personal lives as well.

An online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program gives you the flexibility you need to fit school into your schedule. Students don't need to commute to campus for classes at set times. You just need an internet connection to access course materials any time, day or night.

When searching for the right program, be sure to check if the program will accept any college credits you may already have. LSUA has a high acceptance of transfer credits and also provides free online tutoring. The BSBA program has six start dates a year, so you can start classes at a time that works for you.

How can students who want to return to school to earn an undergraduate degree be successful?

"Manage your time well — schedule your study time, and schedule your leisure time," says LSUA's director of distance learning, Teresa Seymour. "You have the same number of minutes in a day as any of your heroes — focus on what is important because time is your most valuable commodity."

Learn more about the LSUA online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program.


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