Benefits of Earning a Business Degree

For some, the phrase "business degree" conjures up images of professionals in tailored suits rushing to their next meeting or presentation. However, this group represents just a small sampling of people who might hold business degrees. What about the casually dressed person at a co-working office space launching a startup? Or a professional conducting a video meeting with a consultant halfway across the world?

Business comes in all shapes and sizes. That means a business degree can offer up an almost limitless range of opportunities. From nonprofits to major corporations and government entities to entrepreneurial startups, there are several avenues open to someone with a business administration degree. Yet, that is only one benefit of earning a business degree.

A Job-Market Differentiator

In the recession that started in late 2007, most of those who lost their jobs had a high school diploma or less. Earning a business degree can open the door to a variety of jobs because it is a respectable major and one employers view as valuable for the knowledge and skills it equips students with.

A Chance to Forge Your Own Path

If your aspirations include launching and owning your own business, a degree in business administration is a step in the right direction. If you have the courage to step out on your own, a business administration degree can give you the knowledge you need to succeed -- and the confidence that comes from having that knowledge.

The Ability to Adapt

Want to start your own business? A business administration degree is an excellent first step. Want to work in an established corporation? The same holds true. Whether your passion is accounting, marketing, finance or management, a business administration degree lays the groundwork for you to excel. It can open the door to a range of jobs and opportunities, as well as specializations you can pursue.

A Secure Future

Money may not be your primary goal when earning a business administration degree. But, for those with a degree in business administration, the total earning potential is strong. According to Money magazine, people with an undergraduate degree in business earned an average of $52,000 in their first year after graduation.

Transferable Skills

A business degree does not just provide business acumen and education; it provides students with a knowledge base of business operations and skills that apply to a number of career paths. Some of these skills include project management, presentation creation, report writing, analytical thinking, and communication.

Accelerated online programs offer a practical way for working adults to earn a business degree without sacrificing income.

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