What Are the Benefits of a Business Administration Major?

More than 1 million college graduates enter the job market every year, many pursuing opportunities in business administration.

The data showing that college graduates earn significantly more throughout their lifetime than those without college degrees are undisputable. But the question for someone entering college is, "Which major should I pursue?"

Three reasons to study business

Selecting a business administration major is one of the smartest choices incoming freshmen or transfer students can make. There are three solid reasons behind this. First, a degree in business, including an online business administration degree, gives you knowledge that can be applied to virtually any modern industry.

Second, the education you will receive with a business degree will be useful if someday you should decide to start your own business.

Third, after you get some experience in business, you may decide that pursuing an MBA is the best way to further your career. In that case, your undergraduate business degree will have given you the foundation you need to succeed in and benefit from an MBA program.

Let's look more closely at these points.

  1. Getting the big picture

In today's job market, college graduates often need to be flexible when they are seeking their first position right out of college. For example, a person who would prefer a job in the tech sector might discover that it's easier to get hired in the transportation sector of the economy instead.

With a business degree in hand, this recent graduate will have skills that apply to a wide range of companies. This can make the transition between college and career smoother and possibly a lot faster.

  1. Acquiring management skills

Many ambitious college graduates look forward to the day when they can start their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is an exciting and sometimes lucrative career path. It's interesting to note that many successful entrepreneurs start their businesses with a co-founder and often that person is a school acquaintance or someone they met early in their careers. For example, Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen met in middle school. All four Facebook co-founders met in college.

If you think a startup might be in your future, it's possible that when you're working your way through your business administration major, you could connect with the future co-founder of your company!

  1. Following up with an MBA

An increasing number of business professionals are finding that an MBA is critical to their future plans. Most MBA programs require their applicants to have some practical business experience before being accepted.

Prospective students with an undergraduate business administration major have a much easier time positioning themselves professionally prior to applying to schools to get into an MBA program. This increases their chances to get accepted to their school of choice. And once in the program, they will find themselves studying familiar subject areas, which gives them an academic edge.

When you weigh all of these advantages, it's easy to see that an online business administration degree is a solid investment in your future success.

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